Jenny wanted creeper to go deeper

Imagine being alone and bored in the middle of a forest, sitting under a campfire, eating marshmallows. When suddenly Creeper between the bushes and without realizing it is already behind you.

The girl notices and very scared she draws her sword and gives him a tremendous blow to the head that leaves the little guy on the ground. After a while creeper manages to open his eyes in fear. But Jenny tells him not to be afraid, that she will not hurt him again.

This leaves the poor guy calm, but the closeness between them, makes him have a “small erection.” Instead of running in terror, the girl notices that she likes him and begins an episode of wild sex.

The guy who until recently was a complete stranger, fucks the girl in a doggy style, then they perform the reverse cowgirl. In this episode you can see how he drills his intestines with his monster cock. Until they spend the whole night fucking and both realize that it is dawn.

The scene has to end with a creampie.

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